Author's Biography

Robert Strayer was born and raised in Palisade, Nebraska, where he attended public school and played all major sports. As a "straight-A" student he refused earlier offers to be advanced a grade; was voted homecoming king; and graduated valedictorian.

Enrolling at the University of Nebraska, he joined Triangle Fraternity, which accepts scientists, math majors, architects, and engineers. He spearheaded the fastest growth in that chapter's history, became its President, helped plan its new home, and was elected to the all-Greek honorary, Gamma Gamma.

His exceptional grades earned him a scholarship and election to four honoraries. He became president of one honorary fraternity and was voted Outstanding Senior Student in his department by fellow classmates. By at least one measure, in 1968 he was the third most recognized student at the large university. The only two students surpassing him were a member of his own fraternity, of which he was President, and the quarterback of the University of Nebraska football team.

Upon receiving his Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering, he accepted employment at the worldwide headquarters of Caterpillar, Inc., where he worked in International Marketing for 12 years; received an outstanding management evaluation (the highest possible); and was featured in the company's worldwide service publication. Caterpillar was often referred to as one of the best-managed corporations in America, and was also the largest business exporter in the US. Strayer designed a strategy for integrating the sale of prime product, parts, and service, which is still in use today. In his last position with this huge Fortune 50 company he coordinated worldwide service marketing.

He received considerable international business experience while traveling in 33 different countries, and living and working 6 years in Paris, France; Geneva, Switzerland; and Johannesburg, South Africa. Out of necessity he quickly learned French and conducted business and socialized in that language for 3 years. During this overseas period he conducted operations studies; consulted management; evaluated the economic, political, and social trends of several countries; determined how client companies were reacting to sales opportunities; and either adapted or developed programs to help these companies increase their business.

In 1977 he began studying the works of James Dines, one of the world's four most successful and longest-practicing independent investment advisers. Dines had been the leader in urging a gold standard and the purchase of precious metals. It was not known at the time that if Dines told everyone when to buy, it would be Strayer himself that would issue the best gold stock sell signal in the business in the fall of 1980, within two weeks of their all-time high. Mr. Dines eventually became a subscriber to Mr. Strayer's newsletter.

During his last four years with Caterpillar, Strayer's stock investments yielded an annualized 112% return on investment. In 1980 he completed his state exams, and became a fully-registered investment adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington, D.C. Mr. Strayer clearly stated in his registration that he would never sell commissioned securities, insurance, or real estate. As President of Strayer Investment Advisers, Inc., this allowed him to clearly see economic and financial developments by removing vested interests from his observations. The company also refused to accept custody or possession of client funds, for client safety.

Beginning in 1980, the company managed money for and assisted numerous clients on financial matters from virtually every category: Salaried employees, hourly workers, U.S./overseas business owners, financial planners, CPAs, stockbrokers, bankers, economists, and even Nobel prize-winners.

Combined with his extensive worldwide experience, Strayer's research produced a keen understanding of investment cycles and their profitable application. Using math to predict the future, he was surprised when his research with cycles also proved that economic, social/personal, and health trends move in tandem, in a precise and predictable manner. Strayer developed a proprietary set of technical indicators for the timely purchase and sale of stocks, bonds, and gold. The success of such tools was not only proven for gold in 1980, but prior to the October, 1987 stock market crash: The company moved all clients totally out of stocks 2 weeks before Black Monday, avoiding a 35% price collapse.

His first book, Forgive Us Our Debts…, explained how economic cycles work and why, how to invest, and how to manage money. There are times to maximize debt and periods to totally avoid it. The book (now out of print) was nationally published under a different title by Barclay House in 1996. Strayer's second book, …As We Forgive Our Debtors focuses on dysfunctional families and clearly shows how Twelve-Step programs work. His heroes: Joseph Campbell, teacher of comparative religion who inspired "Star Wars," and Robert Prechter of Elliott Wave. His favorite book: "A Course In Miracles."

An award-winning speaker, he has been aired several times on TV and radio, and has won numerous speech contests with Toastmasters International. He has served as Area Governor and District Governor for TI, and in 1994 was elected club president of the 2rd best club in the world (among 14,000 clubs), Sunrise Center Toastmasters in Citrus Heights, CA.

Mr. Strayer retired from investment advising in 1996, turned his company over to the next in line, and began substitute teaching. The advisory company he formed was closed in 2003, when he started teaching math full-time at Center High School in Antelope, CA, until retiring in 2014. On a state rating of 1-10, Center rates a 10 among similar California schools, consistently tests better in math than other area schools in testing every year, and is on the national honor roll for AP classes. Contracting prostate cancer in 2007, and following radiation treatments, he is now cancer-free. A bachelor most of his life, he has no children of his own. Strayer is now enjoying the freedom of retirement, and is updating, finishing, and publishing his two books digitally to help people find financial and spiritual serenity.

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